(from Greek ὑφή, huphḗ, "web) Hyphae are long tubular branching structures of a fungus. In most fungi, hyphae are the main mode of vegetative growth, and are collectively called a mycelium (Source: Wikipedia)


Hyphae are responsible for nutrient absorption and growth, playing a key role in the nutrient cycle which sees fungi as the decomposers and recyclers of organic matter that could not otherwise be absorbed by living creatures.

My love for biomimicry09 has inspired me to name my design initiative "Hyphae" as I feel it symbolises rather well what I aspire to achieve with my work.

With Hyphae I aim to explore sustainable design practises which reduce — whenever possible — the impact of design products on the planet. I'm able to provide design solutions within branding, web, print and graphic design. Depending on the complexity of the project, I sometimes rely on a network of collaborators to deliver the right solution on a project by project basis.

Hyphae in a nutshell

Who I am
What I'm about
Who I am not
Freelance designer
I deliver branding, web & graphic design and can provide advice on sustainable strategies
A full-service agency
A tech-savvy creative
I know my way around a computer, but my strengths are creativity, big-picture thinking and design
Web Developer or Tech Advisor
I wish to focus my creative efforts towards sustainable, ethical and conservation projects
Mindless pixel-pusher
I don't design blind — I like briefs, do my research and aim for content-driven design
A fan of improv
I've got 6+ years of design agency experience handling projects across different sectors
Free labour
Good communicators
I value transparent project communication and whether it's through words or visuals, I get the message across
Copywriter, SEO or Marketing specialist

When I'm not making things as Hyphae, I go by Chiara Mensa, an outdoorsy animal-lover currently based in Bristol, UK.

Originally from Rome, Italy, I've lived across the UK, Australia and the US. I'm equally comfortable with travelling off-the-beaten-track as with chilling on the couch with a good book, podcast or binging a TV show. Solving jigsaws, knitting and carving out linocuts are my self-care practice of choice. Lately, I've been thinking about getting into mudlarking...

Behind the scenes