No (wo)man is an island — lots of amazing humans (and animals) have pitched in to build Hyphae, so I wish to take a moment to say thanks and credit their contribution. Here's to all of you!

The fam

To my husband Tommaso Jucker for being willing to put up with my quirks and lofty ambitions every step of the way. Your patience, care and encouragement have gotten me to where I am today — your tasty food has helped quite a bit too :-)

To my adorable Australian furbabies Oz & Subi for providing essential emotional support, inspiration, endless entertainment and instagrammable moments. I'm so glad to share our home with you (#adoptdontshop #rescueisthebestbreed).

To my mom, the in-laws and extended Jucker family for humoring me on my quest to inject meaning into my work, without questioning my choices or doubting my chances. Thanks for all the support.

The friends

The list gets long when it comes to all the beautiful people who have listened to my rants, shared precious advice and taken an active interest in me and my work. You have all contributed to make this possible, whether through caring friendship, wisdom or wine. Just to name some names, here is to Kate Shelton, Hannah Carpenter, Amanda Hook, Deborah Levy-Bencheton, Chloé Orland, Gabbi Cummins, Dalina Dominguez, Annamaria Nizi, Bonny Clare, Claire Morton, Stella Salvati, Stuart Beattie and many more.

The pros

To all the green and ethical design agencies out there doing amazing work and willing to share wisdom in order to advance the sustainable agenda and support climate action. Browsing through your case studies, blogs and FAQs has been an extremely interesting, enriching and inspiring experience.

To the dev ninjas roaming the Webflow forum always ready to help and share precious knowledge and code snippets. Also, special thanks to Jean Costa and Maciej Sawicki, you guys have been so kind and helpful!

The mentors

To the original team at Onespacemedia (class of 2014-2017) who took a chance on me and helped me lay the foundations to the designer I am today.


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Production soundtrack: I don't work well when there's silence, so thanks to all of the artists keeping me company while creating this website.

For all of the things:
Life advice
... and all the wine!