Nothing worth doing is ever easy06 —  no matter your experience and drive, you may be facing a series of challenges in trying to achieve your goals. From positioning to visual strategy and communication, I can help you get past the obstacles and get to where you need to be.


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Branding design is more than a logo, it's the creation of a unique verbal and visual language to reflect a specific identity– the set of values and attributes that define who you are. Its goal is to communicate in an immediate and engaging way the “what”, “how” and “why” of a business, initiative or product. Therefore a branding project comprises different units: from positioning and tone of voice to visuals in the form of a logo and a supporting system of graphical elements (typography, colours, patterns, textures, etc…). Of course no two projects are the same: I can scale up or down the complexity of a brand design based on what you need.


Brand audit & market research — Brand strategy & positioning — Visual identity design — Logo design — Brand toolkit & style guides — Rebranding


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Your online presence is often how people come to hear about you or where they turn to to gain a deeper understanding of who you are, what you do and how you do it. Needless to say, you're better off not leaving it to chance. A digital project takes a structured approach to shaping your little corner of the web: your requirements are translated into an information architecture and content strategy which becomes visual through wireframes first, and then, high-resolution mockups of the final product to be developed through standard-compliant code. This sequence of stages ensure an organic and collaborative translation of your requirements into a functional website.


Websites (design & refresh) — UI design — UX design — Information architecture – Wireframes Responsive design — Webflow Front-end development — Squarespace customisation


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Graphic design can take many forms: from eye-catching artwork supporting and amplifying your message, to tangible printed collateral to help you reach your audience in the real world. No matter the shape it takes, visual communication has proven itself time and time again a powerful tool to tell stories, explain ideas, make people come together and change minds.


Print design — Stationary — Business cards — Marketing collateral — Event activation collateral — Illustrations — Graphs & diagrams — Presentations — Iconography — Visual storytelling — T-shirt design

Mixing the right ingredients

Who you are
What you need help with
What I can do
Animal welfare advocate
Reshaping the established narrative, reframing important issues
Positioning, branding, storytelling
Scientific researcher
Communicate your research, present findings and impact through meaningful visualisations
Graphs, diagrams, presentations
Sustainability startup
Establishing your presence and stand out in the market
Branding, web design, collateral
Humane society
Create a community of advocates, secure resources and donations
Branding, campaigns, visuals
Conservation expert
Increase the visibility of your research, communicating your impact and strengthening public outreach
Web & graphic design, branding
Ethical & eco-friendly business
Inject your ethos into your online presence, products or services building brand recognition and loyalty
Positioning, web & graphic design
Social entrepreneur
Amplify impact, secure funding, engage and give back to the community
Strategy, campaigns, storytelling
Someone aspiring to be carbon neutral
Assessing your current impact and define a strategy to reduce it and reach your sustainability goals
Sustainability consultancy & education

My design process aims to deliver earth-friendly visual design05 by minimising waste and optimising resource usage and final results. It's not an exact science and I look at each project as an opportunity to further refine my recipe through collaboration with you and other professionals I might involve on a case by case basis.

The design process

Understanding the problem is half the solution

Nobody knows the requirements and goals better than you do. Whether it's through an online questionnaire or a face-to-face meeting, the first step is for me to "listen before I talk". Understanding the story behind a brief and the aspirations fuelling it is essential to ensure we're all aiming at the same target.

Research, research, research

I do like cookies but I'm not big on cookie-cutter design. This means that while workflows and techniques are reusable, designs are not. After getting to know you and your project, I'll research your sector, the competition and appropriate designs examples to shape a bespoke concept for you to consider. No great design was ever created in a vacuum.

Create with functionality and multi-use in mind

When shaping and refining a concept I strive to consider function before form and leverage opportunities for multi-use artwork, when possible. Maximising the usefulness of a design through clever content or visual strategy can reduce resource consumption and increase convenience.

Implement sustainable design methods

Once a winning concept has been collaboratively identified, I move on to develop it into a fully fledged design. Whether I'm helping to shape your brand, website or print project I will always prioritise sustainable design strategies. I promise to never impose, however I do ask you consider opting for sustainable options that fit your project over traditional ones.

Minimal, modular, optimised

From the previous steps it follows that what you can expect from the final artwork is a minimal, modular and optimised design. No needless stock imagery or fancy fonts that fit the latest trends without adding value to the project itself. Simple can be beautiful.

Build capacity, not dependency

At the end of a project I aim to handover a functional, striking, sustainable design that you know how to use, leverage and maintain. I aspire to expand your capacity rather than build a dependency on my services. I'm happy to design myself out of a job if it will make for a more circular and sustainable future.