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Anthropocene Illustrated


Project outline

I feel strongly about bringing awareness to the adverse effects humans have on the environment. This is what pushed me to create a series of illustrations to visualise the different ways the Anthropocene has negatively impacted the natural world.

The illustration series focuses on: the palm oil industry and the way it threatens tropical forests and native species through deforestation and habitat loss; water scarcity devastating impacts on desertification which have been augmented by men's desire to build and thrive in inhospitable environments; the negative effects of organised tourism to wild places in the form of extreme pollution and disturbance to ecosystems equilibrium; the pervasive issue of plastic pollution and the way it threatens marine wildlife and the general health of our oceans; logging and the way deforestation disrupts ecosystems, displacing wildlife through habitat loss and fragmentation.

Services provided

Art Direction — Sketching — Illustration — Product marketing

Anthropocene illustrated, palm oil industry
Anthropocene illustrated, water scarcity and desertification
Anthropocene illustrated, tourism pollution
Anthropocene illustrated, illegal logging
Anthropocene illustrated, ocean plastic
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