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Project outline

Pangolino is a lovely initiative sitting at the intersection of science and design. Started by Charles Emogor, its main goal is to raise awareness of pangolins through art, and inspire public actions to save the scaly anteaters from extinction #artforpangolin

Hyphae was commissioned to help create unique and recognisable logo and visual language for Pangolino. The collaborative process focused on the progressive refinement from three initial concepts into one finalised design. The symbol's hand drawn style aims to convey the friendly nature of the pangolin and, at the same time, the important role that art and visual storytelling can play in raising awareness of its threatened status. After the completion of the logo, the brand identity was immediately put to good use with the creation of bespoke social media images which registered a great level of engagement within the conservation community and beyond.

Services provided

Art direction — Logo design — Brand Styleguide — Social media images

Pangolino logo concept
Pangolino logo variations
Pangolino suggested photo treatment
Pangolino colour palette
Pangolino colour variations
Pangolino branded cap design
Pangolino bespoke social media graphics
Pangolino social distancing infographic
Pangolino social distancing infographic
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