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Project outline

tackle aims to be a community-owned experimental project for designers seeking to take climate action through their work. It was created in response to feedback consistently received during the UK Climate Designers events: creatives felt they kept coming short of taking any real climate action—and were not able to find an effective way around it.

After the initial ideation with UK Climate Designers' co-Lead Alicia Storie, I got down to creating the logo and identity system for tackle. My strategy focused on creating a dynamic, energetic and fun look and feel by using a modern typeface, neon colours and emojis as main graphical devices. Then, in order to bring tackle to life, we partnered up with service designer Laura Duarte to create and host an experimental co-design workshop aimed at laying a solid foundation to empower designers to bring down the barriers (well, at least some of them!) keeping them from taking effective climate action. The output from this workshop was a set of project ideas/creative prompts for climate designers to "design their way out" of feeling stuck when it comes to using creative skills to fight the climate crisis.

Services provided

Ideation — Strategy — Branding — Workshop design

Tackle primary logo
It's time to (talk) tackle climate project tagline
Tackle colour palette and typeface
the brand for tackle uses emoji's as expressive graphical devices
Tackle branded t-shirt and notebook
tackle logo colour variations
Promo for tackle's experimental co-design workshop
tackle experimental co-design workshop screenshots
the numbers behind tackle experimental co-design workshop
tackle experimental co-design workshop screenshot
tackle experimental co-design workshop report slides
tackle branded pin button :)
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